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Linux Linux distributor TerraSoft is accepting pre-orders for Sony Playstation 3 gaming devices pre-installed with Linux. Linux is installed alongside the Playstation 3's native gaming OS.
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by Ravyne on Mon 26th Feb 2007 19:39 UTC in reply to "Eh.."
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As much as I dislike Sony it doesn't do anyone any good to post fud and misinformed oppinions.

The Power Processing Element (PPE) core in the Cell chip bares no relation to the G4 or even G5 power cores
other than the ISA (the G4, unlike the Cell, isn't even a 64 bit core.) The Cell PPE (and the 3 Xbox 360 PPC cores, which are identical save memory and IO interfaces) derives from an earlier IBM experiment designed to create an efficient PPC implimentation that made minimal use of die space. The three main distinguishing features of this design are lack of OOO execution, minimal focus on branch prediction, and the dual-threaded nature of the CPU - one thread executes when the other stalls - waiting on memory for instance.

Comparision to an 800mhz P3 is a little underestimated - game developers have said that using a single core on the Xbox 360 is roughly twice as fast as the orriginal xbox which contained a 733mhz p3, so a better estimate would be a 1.4-1.5 ghz p3. Also keep in mind that the last of the P3s, which were 1.4 and 1.5 ghz, were actually faster at most things than the Pentium 4 until it hit 2 ghz.

The biggest bottle-neck with the PS3 is the lack of RAM. 256mb is very small by today's standards - the PC I bought 6-7 years ago came with 384... Following that is the lack of access the the 3D accelerator. The SPEs, while not yet supported in the mainstream applications, are there to play with for anyone who wants to.

PS3 linux isn't for someone wanting to replace their all-purpose desktop, its basically a cheap way for developers to play with the Cell, and to a lesser extent, a PC replacement for those users who do little more than browse the net and check their email.

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