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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Asus has produced the first laptop in the world that makes use of Windows Vista SideShow to support a secondary screen in the lid. This is a 2.8in screen with a QVGA resolution of 320x240, just like any number of mobile phones that are on the market. The lid of the Asus also holds 1GB of flash memory which stores a cut-down Operating System that powers SideShow and which also links to the main Vista Operating System."
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Wake the OS?
by nzjrs on Tue 27th Feb 2007 00:13 UTC
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SideShow operates when Vista is shut down to save battery life, but it will wake Vista every so often to synchronise data and to keep the music flowing.

Seriously who employs these people?. The way I see it Sideshow is either;

1) A standalone OS that can do useful things while Vista is asleep
2) A waay overhyped LCD screen

When I hear that Sideshow wakes vista up to actually do anything useful then I tend to think it must be 2. I presume that when sideshow plays music vista pushes data into the 1gig of flash and then sideshow plays it till the buffer runs out. Rinse and repeat.

But then I realise most people have mp3 players.

So what we have is a system that fills a need that is already covered by mp3 players, and for most other cases there is dollars worth of wasted hardware in the lid of a laptop.

Yes it is some cool tech but trust microsoft to come up with the lamest uses for it. What problem does sideshow solve in mode 2?

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