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Windows Can you ignore DDE as a programmer on Windows? "While it was a reasonable solution back in the cooperatively-multitasked world of 16-bit Windows where it was invented, the transition to 32-bit Windows was not a nice one for DDE. Specifically, the reliance on broadcasts to establish the initial DDE conversation means that unresponsive programs can jam up the entire DDE initiation process. The last shell interface to employ DDE was the communication with Program Manager to create program groups and items inside those groups. This was replaced with Explorer and the Start menu back in Windows 95. DDE has been dead as a shell interface for over ten years."
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RE: Hmmm
by SterlingNorth on Tue 27th Feb 2007 01:44 UTC in reply to "Hmmm"
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No, ripping out code that is doing no harm to Windows would cost more than to just forget about it being there.

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