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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Asus has produced the first laptop in the world that makes use of Windows Vista SideShow to support a secondary screen in the lid. This is a 2.8in screen with a QVGA resolution of 320x240, just like any number of mobile phones that are on the market. The lid of the Asus also holds 1GB of flash memory which stores a cut-down Operating System that powers SideShow and which also links to the main Vista Operating System."
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But this thing is dead in the water.

I mean.. that laptop lid looks like it grew a hump. And the Sideshow idea seems kind of cool, but it's limited and impractical. If you have your laptop with you on a train/plane/car, are you going to close the lid and try to type notes, ideas, whatever on a tiny little PDA screen.... or are you just gonna open the laptop and get a lot done quicker?

It's a quirky idea, maybe worth a few test units to see how it shakes out in practical use... but I agree with other commenters - what need does this fill?

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