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KDE Boudewijn Rempt writes about the KDE image manipulation program Krita. He writes about Flake support and various features regarding image rendering quality like a new fast scaler. Zack Rusin writes about the ongoing effort to port WebKit to Qt4 for possible inclusion in KDE 4. A new issue of the KDE Commit-Digest has also been released, telling us about various topics like NetworkManager support in KDE 4 or the installment of In addition, this document [.pdf] presents what has been accomplished in the Nepomuk-KDE project so far.
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RE[2]: Krita vs. Gimp
by prokoudine on Tue 27th Feb 2007 09:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Krita vs. Gimp"
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> Remember that the GIMP doesn't support bold text if you don't have the specific bold TTF file.

Why would you want emulation of a bold font face that will never be as good as a real font?

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