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X11, Window Managers Two more articles on Beryl. The first one is on drag and drop in Beryl: "What does Beryl add to the drag and drop picture? Well, for a start, if you've got a lot of windows open, it's easier to find the target if you can see all the windows at once. Also, if you want to drop a file/text on an application on another desktop, you can do this much more easily. This is a cool little feature that allows you to drag and drop files between applications on the same desktop, or different desktops." The second one is a performance tweak for Beryl.
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RE[2]: Compiz
by nzjrs on Wed 28th Feb 2007 02:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Compiz"
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@dumbkiwi: You appear to be mistaken.

Firstly, compiz is under multiple licenses, due to its nature (plugin based) and place in the stack (close to the X server, code to flow to/from compiz into X).

Beryl is GPL. This means that fixes in Beryl cannot easily be ported back to compiz. Justify that?

And I wasnt
Squabbling over attribution
I was pointing out another example of the nature of the beryl project (all take and no give, be it code, attribution, or whatever).

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