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General Development This first article of a three-part series introduces PHP5's XML implementation and help those relatively new to using XML with PHP to read, parse, and manipulate, and write a short and uncomplicated XML file using the DOM and SimpleXML in a PHP environment.
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RE[5]: Ugh XML
by robinh on Thu 1st Mar 2007 09:12 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Ugh XML"
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Much as I hate to have to roll out the old adage, XML and JSON are both simply tools. In the same way that you wouldn't want to hammer a nail into a wall with a screwdriver, you probably wouldn't want to replace, say, HTML with a JSON equivalent (just think for a minute how that might work - it wouldn't!).

XML and JSON are both excellent tools in their own right when applied as a sensible solution to a programming problem. What concerns me, is that this current fad of "anti XML fanboy-ism" is leading otherwise excellent programmers to overlook XML for the wrong reasons. It's like a whole bunch of carpenters suddenly banned themselves from even thinking about using a hammer.

Try and be objective about the strengths and weaknesses of XML and JSON and whatever else you come across, and that way you'll not fall in to the trap of using one where the other would be more suitable.

p.s. I'm currently working on a project using XSL-FO, XSL, SOAP. Going very well, easy to set up, and about 10,000 times better than a solution programmed from scratch in PHP by a programmer who _used_ to work for my company!

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