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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems is the latest company to become a patron of the Free Software Foundation. The FSF's corporate patron program allows companies to provide financial sponsorship for the FSF in return for free license consulting services. High-profile FSF patron affiliates include prominent technology companies like Google, Nokia, IBM, Cisco, and Intel. FSF involvement represents Sun's latest attempt to take a more active role in the open-source software community.
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"But Sun is still years--even decades--away from coming around on the other key aspect of free software development--the community." [snip] "What good is this if Sun isn't responsive to externally contributed bug reports or patches?" Free software is about community and its participation. That's what makes the model so successful, and that is what's missing from OpenSolaris (and the rest of Sun's free software plays)."

You haven't been paying attention for awhile now it seems. Since this information you gave is just plain wrong. Sun has been very responsive to external bug reports, and outside contributors have been submitting code to Java for a couple of years now--even before it became GPL.

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