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Gnome GNOME 2.18.0 RC1 (2.17.92) has been released. "This is the last unstable release before 2.18.0. We've all added cool features, important bug fixes, great translations, or shiny documentation during the past six months. And it'll be soon ready for public consumption. There's still one week before the hard code freeze, so it's not too late to fix this last bug you're ashamed of."
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RE[3]: So what's new in this GNOME?
by theorz on Thu 1st Mar 2007 18:28 UTC
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Personally I prefer network manager to the way it is done in osx. They are quite similar, but after using them for a while on my dual booting macbook I have found I like network manager better.

Compared to osx I find network manager to be better at choosing the correct wireless network. osx seems to be terrible at remembering the correct network to use, especially when there are multiple networks with the same name in different places.

I also like the graphs and icons in the list of wireless networks. It makes it much easier to quickly browse through them.

I have not tried vista yet so I cannot speak about it, but both osx and network manager are much easier to use than the mess that was in xp sp2.

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