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OSNews, Generic OSes Today, we did a fairly major restructuring of our database categories. Before, we only added one or, in rare cases, two; this time, however, we have added three new categories, and also split one up. Read one for the how and why, and also how you can help in finding misplaced stories.
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When does ReactOS get its own category ?
by frik85 on Thu 1st Mar 2007 19:49 UTC
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When does ReactOS get its own category ?

It's sad and unfair that many other (even minor) operating system got their own category, except ReactOS. The OSNews Team excused that adding new category means a lot of work and is a non-trivial work.
Elsewhere such (trivial) things can be done with a simple SQL query or using a function of the admin backend.

ReactOS is more often mentioned in news than most of other similar operating system projects, so it should deserve its own category as all other competitors have already.

I ReactOS icon had sent to Thom and OSNews general email address, and Thom answered back in summer 2006:
[...] I will keep your .gif in my inbox, in case we need it-- if the 0.3.0 and up releases garner enough attention, you might stand a big chance. [...]

ReactOS 0.3.0 was a success back in sept. 2006, and version 0.3.1 will hit the road in a few days.

Let's hope the best, that ReactOS get what it deserves.

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