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Fedora Core "The Fedora project is undergoing several changes before the release of its next version. In preparation for Fedora 7, which will fuse the Core and Extra software repositories, Fedora's developers are auditing the repositories for non-free and non-open software that doesn't meet the project's guidelines. Eventually, the project may change its package guidelines to only allow Free Software."
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although motif's day is well past its prime, I do realize some commercial software vendors insist on still using it for the UNIX versions of their software (why I don't know, it's old, it's ugly, and there are much better alternatives out there).

that said, have your tried using lesstif on your systems instead? works for us...

As regards using a different distro, I'm not sure what alternatives you think you have. redhat's about the easiest distro out there to get third party packages compliant with since it is _the_ enterprise linux version that commercial vendors target first and foremost. if these are in-house apps that you're concerned with, well you should have the source to fix compatibility problems then especially if it just due to the X toolkit their using, right? I don't think hoping distros is going to be the simple or even best fix to your problems.

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