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KDE The K Desktop Environment was pleased to see its users recently at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. Users were excited to learn about KDE 4.0, some of the hot new stuff in KDE 3.5, and thousands of Linux users got out of the house for a change.
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RE[2]: Very Good
by unoengborg on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 12:00 UTC in reply to "RE: Very Good"
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Here's one example. Say Joe User looks at his home directory in Konqueror:


Yet if he clicks on a zip file in there the address turns into something like this:


Is that confusing or what?

It is, but the current KDE 3.4 situation is worse. People usually refer to each other by name and have done so for thousands of years. They should be able to do so in their OS environment as well.

Besides I think that most people will see the zip archive as an artefact of its own, just like they realize that trash:/ or for that matter homes:/ is a hierachies of their own. If he doesn't, he is in trouble just the same as the zip:/ "directory" will behave differently than his ordinay directories and that will confuse him too. The solution to that would be not to open zip files directly in konqueror, but I
think most people would think that would be a bad idea.

BTW: When the user decide to unpack it he would still be able to specify the desired location in termes of homes:/Some Person.

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