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Hardware, Embedded Systems A sedate Dell posted fourth quarter results that didn't horrify investors even though its PC and notebook sales fell in dramatic fashion. Dell reported USD 14.4bn in revenue down from USD 15.2bn in the same period last year. The company's net income came in at USD 673m, which marks quite the fall from last year's haul of USD 1bn. Officials declined to face off against financial analysts and discuss the results in a conference call as is customary, primarily because Dell counts its fourth quarter results as 'preliminary' due to a pair of investigations into its past accounting.
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Dell has screwed up on multiple fronts
by jamesd on Fri 2nd Mar 2007 17:11 UTC
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Dell has screwed up on multiple fronts, for the consumers and and company, laptop market the battery fiasco has screamed "avoid Dell like the plague". Yes its Sony's fault to an extent, but consumers are fickle they blame the name on the box. And rumors won't mention the name on the inside only the obvious name on the outside.

For companies, Dell dragged there feet on installing Linux on servers, last week's press announcement was too little too late. On desktop they were stuck behind MS's vista cycle, "I'm not buying a new box now when I have to have to send around my techs to reinstall the all the new boxes, that's just a headache." So a lot of there customers put their purchases on hold.

I also wonder how many Dell customers still associate them as an Intel only shop, or just shying away from Dell for AMD based solutions as too new as untested, will Dell's implementation be buggy will the support be properly trained.

While Dell was putting out the fires, their competitors stepped up with powerful low cost solutions that provide a valued. Sun is waiting in the rings to take over 3rd spot in top x86 servers and there desktops are gaining steam. Sun also has something that Dell will never have. Sun is a one place stop for Desktops, Servers, Storage, Tape, and Operating system, so people that want to ease there support burden and passing the buck with there current solution has far too much of. They look at Sun and find the answer, it could cut the number of calls needed to solve a problem from 8 to 2 or even just 1. Even if you don't choose Solaris, Sun has working relationships with all the main OSes and virtualization providers, Linux, Microsoft, VMware, Xen, and has engineers and programmers working actively together and the CTO's and buyers know this.

Can Dell recover from there mis-steps and delays? I'm not sure but they are going to have to work quite hard to do so.

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