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Novell and Ximian "Novell on Mar. 1 announced preliminary financial results for its 2007 fiscal year first quarter, showing net revenue of USD 230 million. The first quarter's revenue represented a decline of USD 12 million, or about 5 percent, from the prior year's first quarter revenue of USD 242 million. Despite the unexceptional overall results during the first fiscal quarter 2007, however, Novell reported USD 15 million of revenue from Linux Platform Products, up 46 percent year-over-year, and USD 91 million of invoicing, up a whopping 659 percent year-over-year. Linux - make no doubt about it - is Novell's future."
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RE[4]: And up it goes...
by archiesteel on Sat 3rd Mar 2007 10:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: And up it goes..."
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And you know sugar buns, this is the situation for the vast majority of people; if the vast majority of people *weren't* reliant on specific software, wouldn't commonsense dicatate that there would be mass migration given how bloody easy it is to obtain and install Linux.

Not at all, honey. Even if all the software you mention *was* available on Linux, there wouldn't be a mass migration overnight.

Linux and Linux covers the needs of the majority of computer users. The fact that they migrate only slowly is due to most being unaware of alternatives (many computer users don't understand what an OS is in the first place), as well as inertia.

Office 2007 doesn't work with Crossover Office,

Who cares? Office XP and 2003 are excellent office suites. There is very little reason to upgrade to Office 2007 apart from the fact that it's the latest fad. But you just keep moving those goalposts back, now. You look so cute when you do that.

Tis a tough life I live, having a laptop where I can do everything I want with minimum fuss

You mean, just like me? I can do everything I need with my Kubuntu laptop, including desktop enhancements more advanced than Vista, drivers that work for all my hardware, software from big names under Crossover (or, when necessary, my Windows partition running in VMWare), all while not having to worry about malware or the fact that I support an abusive monopoly. I've got the best of both world, while you have a barely-ready OS that inefficiently uses its hardware and will soon be plagued with the usual deluge of viruses and spyware.

In any case, you missed my point. Stop repeating the same broken-record argument over and over again. We get it. Linux is not ready for *you*. No need to obsessively bring it up every time Linux is mentioned.

Sheesh! Sometimes I *really* miss a block user functionality on this site.

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