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Novell and Ximian "Novell on Mar. 1 announced preliminary financial results for its 2007 fiscal year first quarter, showing net revenue of USD 230 million. The first quarter's revenue represented a decline of USD 12 million, or about 5 percent, from the prior year's first quarter revenue of USD 242 million. Despite the unexceptional overall results during the first fiscal quarter 2007, however, Novell reported USD 15 million of revenue from Linux Platform Products, up 46 percent year-over-year, and USD 91 million of invoicing, up a whopping 659 percent year-over-year. Linux - make no doubt about it - is Novell's future."
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RE[6]: And up it goes...
by archiesteel on Sat 3rd Mar 2007 18:06 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: And up it goes..."
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Sorry, it was very late here when I replied (4AM) and I had had more than a few beers. I did note your second post.

Again, I respect your opinion completely. I also wish that there were more apps from big commercial vendors. It would be a boost for Linux, certainly. However, I do not agree that the absence of such apps makes Linux useless. It certainly doesn't for me, and IMO it doesn't for a very large proportion of users.

What I was objecting to is the fact that you always bring this up in every Linux thread. It's becoming tedious.

Apart from that, I often find your posts insightful, and regularly agree with you. You should just try to focus a bit more on the positive...

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