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Novell and Ximian "Novell on Mar. 1 announced preliminary financial results for its 2007 fiscal year first quarter, showing net revenue of USD 230 million. The first quarter's revenue represented a decline of USD 12 million, or about 5 percent, from the prior year's first quarter revenue of USD 242 million. Despite the unexceptional overall results during the first fiscal quarter 2007, however, Novell reported USD 15 million of revenue from Linux Platform Products, up 46 percent year-over-year, and USD 91 million of invoicing, up a whopping 659 percent year-over-year. Linux - make no doubt about it - is Novell's future."
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RE[4]: Business as usual
by kaiwai on Sun 4th Mar 2007 20:24 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Business as usual"
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If that's the reason, the blame still falls squarely on Ximian. They could afterall have joined efforts with Kaffe, gjc and Classpath creating a free Java regardless of Sun.

True, but at the same time, they probably looked at both situations; create a dot net implementation or help implement, couple that with the perception that C# makes up for deficiences back when Java was missing a whole heap of features which C# natively included with the language, one can hardly blame Ximian when you look at the bigger picture, even when comparing the two technologies purely on technology grounds.

At least Java is finally getting a decent GUI toolkit now, combined with becoming GPL perhaps we'll see some good apps coming out of it.

True; I don't think Sun is going to give up on Swing, but what you will see is is SWT simply become the defacto standard used by device manufacturers such as Nokia with gtk becoming the toolkit of choice for future development, and application vendors like IBM via Eclipse using it for application development.

The better approach I think with Java is not necessarily "write once, run everywhere" but instead aim for something atleast along the lines of "write once and make porting easier" - so then atleast there is the benefit of portability whilst at the same time being able to integrate it in well with each unique desktop rather than trying to have a GUI with the lowest common demoninator widgets and have uniformity accross all platforms.

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