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Microsoft Microsoft surprised many of the attendees at its annual worldwide partner show here this weekend by allowing a third party to present a "hands-on lab" that allowed attendees to play with a range of Linux desktop software. Is Microsoft toning down on its anti-Linux campaign?
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by somebody on Sun 10th Jul 2005 20:57 UTC in reply to "Re: By somebody "
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Man you can confuse the hell out of people, please rephrase your post after proof-reading ;) Also you really did an effort to not answer my comments.

My comment was 14+, but I guess you're too young.

Linux fanboys should feel proud when they sell at equal or more price as windows and people say i would buy Linux because this is what i want and NOT hey its free (cheapo) stuff, damn it get it man...its fee if you don't like it...trash it...its free...get it...get it...get it...its freeeeeeeeeeee lol

Yeah, your age definitely is 13.

p.s. As far as proof reading. Well English is my 4th language, and by definite *NOT* my favourite.

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