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OS/2 and eComStation The fourth beta of eComStation 2.0 has been released. Some of the new features include better wireless support, the Lucide document viewer, the Psi/2 instant messenger, SAMBA, and much more. "This is the fourth beta release of the eComStation 2.0. This product is available for download to all registered eComStation customers with active Software Subscription Services."
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by brancod on Mon 5th Mar 2007 13:42 UTC
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I've used OS/2 since version 2.00 and while it's not as asthetically appealing as Windows, the WorkPlaceShell is still pretty amazing. I wish someone would port that shell to Windows or Linux.
I no longer use OS/2 for day to day computing but still have Warp 4.0 running on an old Pentium for nostalgic purposes and for running old DOS games/apps.

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