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OS/2 and eComStation The fourth beta of eComStation 2.0 has been released. Some of the new features include better wireless support, the Lucide document viewer, the Psi/2 instant messenger, SAMBA, and much more. "This is the fourth beta release of the eComStation 2.0. This product is available for download to all registered eComStation customers with active Software Subscription Services."
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One of Serenity Systems projects is rewriting the WPS (Work Place Shell - a.k.a. "the desktop) from scratch. This is one of the main parts of OS/2 that IBM and Microsoft share the rights to. Having a replacement for the WPS would make it so that IBM and Serenity Systems don't have to pay MS for this anymore which should allow them to drop the price or have more money to work on more projects for eComStation (OS/2).

What is OS/2 good for? Remember the ads for FedEx saying, "When you absolutely, positively, HAVE, to have it overnight?". With OS/2 it is basically, "When you absolutely, positively, HAVE to have a system up 24 hours a day 365 days a year."

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