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Microsoft Microsoft Office program manager Brian Jones, whose work has centered around the Open XML document format, now says the so-called format war with OpenDocument is officially over. The winner, he says, is both. Jones made the statement in a blog post over the weekend following the release by Novell of an Open XML translator for OpenOffice. The plug-in enables the free, open source productivity suite to open documents created in the Microsoft format, as well as saving OpenDocument files into Open XML.
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RE[3]: because they lost...
by nberardi on Wed 7th Mar 2007 01:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: because they lost..."
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So what kind of Kool-Aid you drinking over there?

It's sort of cute how you ignore all his actually comments and points and focus right in on comments that really don't have to do with the ODF specification. You seem to conveniently skip over all his critiques of the ODF.

What about where he said the ODF is a very light weight when it comes to spreadsheet applications? He personally helped write Gnumeric a spreadsheet application, and he said there is no way you can provide the level of functionality that the users need only in the 15 or so pages ODF dedicated to the matter.

What about where he talks about the need for legacy support in a document format. Microsoft took a lot of guff over support Word Perfect formatting. Let me say that again Microsoft took a lot of guff over supporting IBM Lotus Word Perfect formatting. I noticed that IBM decided to ditch all these users. It's sort of nice that ODF is saying screw you to all the legacy documents that will have to be converted as far as formatting goes.

ODF is a light weight standard and the only reason it has gotten as far as it has, is because of personally grudges against Microsoft. OOXML is not supported in OOo, so now the only valid reason that all the pundits actually put forth. That it was going to be too hard to impliment, is now null and void, because Microsoft ponyed up the cash for one of their developers to make it.

You all need to ask your self if this is a personal grudge or do you actually believe the dribble coming out of your mouth. This is the reason I use BSD and support the BSD license whole heartily over GPL. GPL brings too many evangelistic wackos to the table.

Also it is really amazing how easily people in the OOS community leave a person out to dry that has given more than most to the OOS community.

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