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Microsoft If the press preview day for Microsoft's annual TechFest research fair is any indication of Redmond's future plans, search will become an increasingly larger part of the company's overall business. Demonstrations of various search technologies dominated opening remarks by Microsoft Research presenters Tuesday.
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by cushioncritter on Wed 7th Mar 2007 01:35 UTC in reply to "Google"
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Normally, Microsoft's competition is pretty lame, being run in a very non-technical "make profit this quarter or die" fashion by ex-salesmen (i.e. IBM -- the PC doesn't matter). It is going to be hard for them to crush real "technical" competition like Google.

The pathetic technical background of Bill Gates is chronicled on Wikipedia, now we find why certain "failures" appeared in DOS/Windows: donkey.bas:written by Bill Gates, Bob/Clippy, from Mrs. Bill Gates (Melinda French-Gates). We see Bill Gate's first experience with a teletype computer was to exploit bugs in the OS to steal mainframe time. Nothing ever changes.

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