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Mac OS X Documentary evidence that Microsoft considered abandoning Office for Mac in order to cause 'a great deal of harm' to Apple has emerged. An emailed memo from Microsoft-founder Bill Gates to then Mac Business Unit chief Ben Waldman dated June 1997 talks about morale in the Mac Office development camp. At that time Microsoft's senior management were considering dumping Mac support. The email complains at poor sales of Office, which it attributes to a lack of focus on making such sales among reps at that time.
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Apple Works
by Jedd on Wed 7th Mar 2007 13:50 UTC
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It'd be nice to see Apple bring back a reborn version of AppleWorks. As far as my opinion; I believe this is a 40% business ploy 60% childish move upon behalf of Microsoft.

MS: 'They're starting to become more popular again, and damn, Vista was pirated, >:( We're gonna take office away from them.

Personally I hope they do take office, there's always, and hell, who knows Apple might just get some of their famous creative juices flowing again, and perhaps AppleWorks will be reborn into something better than MS Office.

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