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Microsoft If the press preview day for Microsoft's annual TechFest research fair is any indication of Redmond's future plans, search will become an increasingly larger part of the company's overall business. Demonstrations of various search technologies dominated opening remarks by Microsoft Research presenters Tuesday.
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Magical features
by alexandru_lz on Wed 7th Mar 2007 15:53 UTC
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I was a bit baffled at reading the article. What I currently need in search systems (and what Vista's would really need) is more relevant results, better indexing, faster searching and so on. And instead of this, we get... "a new tool that would help users share search results and personalize them".

Wehoo. If Microsoft gets a desktop search engine in this format, I'll be able to search for porn files on my computer and do a pretty print of the results, with flowers on it. Thanks, I really needed that.

The same goes about web searching, not only desktop searching. I don't see a lot of fancy features in Google's web search, except foar what is truly strictly necessary to run a good search. No bells and whistles will make a good replacement for relevant results, and this is where I think Microsoft's researchers should look.

Besides, there's one thing about which I simply couldn't help noticing. I'm not sure about about what else Mix can do, but if it only allows me to create a search then share the results, I can already do that by copy-pasting the contents of my browser's address bar with the search page tab open.

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