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Microsoft Microsoft Office program manager Brian Jones, whose work has centered around the Open XML document format, now says the so-called format war with OpenDocument is officially over. The winner, he says, is both. Jones made the statement in a blog post over the weekend following the release by Novell of an Open XML translator for OpenOffice. The plug-in enables the free, open source productivity suite to open documents created in the Microsoft format, as well as saving OpenDocument files into Open XML.
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RE[7]: because they lost...
by nberardi on Wed 7th Mar 2007 16:58 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: because they lost..."
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God I hope you are never in a position to make any lasting changes, because look out world segedunum is going to make policy based on his own bias.

I think you need to read what you've quoted. The paragraph you are quoting is asking what on Earth the point is of referring to unspecified WordPerfect behaviour from 16 years ago and replicating it, rather than converting it over.

If you convert it, it will never act like the original. So why not support the original specification, which is most definitely defined somewhere. I am sure IBM has the source that they could open, after all they are sitting on the panel.

So what? You get an office suite that can open your older Microsoft Office documents and then 'Save As...' ODF. That has absolutely nothing to do with the new format that you've created, and there's simply no reason for your new format to simply dump every element of the old format into a new one just because it uses XML. In reality, it's still exactly the same format!

Yes but obviously you don't really understand how software is developed. What are the chances that when you open up WordPerfect there is going to be a Save As ODF? What are the chances that when you open up Word6 that there is going to be a Save As ODF? What are the chances that when you open up Word 2000 that there is going to be a Save As ODF? I can quickly answer that as none.

Microsoft Office 2007 is the only one that can do that for most of these files listed. Sure OOo has rudimentary support for these file types, but if you want a direct conversion and keep the formatting you are going to have to use Office 2007. Then what are the chances that in the Microsoft platform that people will have these as ODF compared to OOXML? I bet the number is very close to zero.

You may say this is Microsoft domination, maybe, but it doesn't bode well for ODF, and why support a format that is never going to go anywhere. Thank god there is a Microsoft made plug-in for OOo that reads OOXML, because I run OOo under FreeBSD and my friends regularly safe their documents in Office 2007 and Office 2003 formats.

In the years ahead I hope they continue to save them in the Office 2007 format since I know now that it is totally supported in OOo. Unlike the half supported Microsoft Office documents that are currently supported in OOo.

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