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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Augmented Reality is the overlapping of digital information and physical environment. Sci-Fi has often portrayed A.R. as interactive floating transparent computer screens projected into the air, or perhaps the most absolute example: standing inside an entirely computer generated world.
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by Yamin on Wed 7th Mar 2007 20:36 UTC
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"In order for computers to evolve to the next generation, they will need to dispatch of the mouse. Pen based and voice input can provide simpler, quicker access, usable by a wider range of people."

Let us for a minute assume we perfect pen and voice recognition. Is it really better than what we have now?

I personally type much faster than i write with a pen. I also find it way easier than writing. I'd also not have to sit there and talk 50 pages just to write an essay.

The mouse is also a very good design. A pen is unquestionably better for graphic art work. I've used convertible tablet pcs where i can get the benefits of both worlds. Do I find myself more drawn to pen-mode? No, because for many tasks, I need a keyboard (see above) and the mouse is a much better companion to a keyboard than the pen (I doesn't need to touch the is a much quicker switch from keyboard to mouse...than from keyboard-pen-screen)

A common example of this is the voice-menu systems over the telephone. It used be the voice would say "press 1 for x, press 2 for y, press 3 for z". And you would press a key. Now its "tell me what you'd like to do" and you have speak to this machine. Especially at work or something, it's far more convenient to just let me press numbers than to interrupt everyone around me with me answering voice prompts.

By all means A.R is getting better and I welcome any new changes. But they have to actually have a benefit. Off the top of my head, the only thing more efficient than typing would be some kind of direct connection to the brain ;)

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