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Java "Although the .NET vs. Java war is basically over for control of the Windows desktop, where .NET is sure to become the managed language of choice for new Windows desktop applications, there is a new battle brewing. That battle is for the Linux desktop. Now that Java has been open sourced under the GPL, even the most strict of the 'free software only' distributions can start bundling it and integrating it into their Linux distributions out of the box."
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Just my opinion but...
by MikeekiM on Thu 8th Mar 2007 01:52 UTC
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Mono is a copy of a copy.

Java is where the action is in Computer Science.

Microsoft is dead last in implementation.
- CheckedExceptions? -- Dot Net still waiting for that Spec sharp.
- Unix File permissions -- Windows has none, the Windows trolls TALK about ACL's but NEVER Impliment them, Even with the ORACLE install the Oracle Windows team let EVERYBODY Walk All Over the Oracle Data area.
In OS X, Linux and Solaris you create an Oracle User and Group and NOBODY can touch the Oracle data areas.

- OS X ( su ) temp root user privilege -- Windows? We can Turn It OFF, and Windows Geeks are RECOMMENDING turning it off.

- Visual Studio 2005, STILL can't mix C# and VB in the same project!!!

Here's the real "Innovation" in C#
Java throws an InvalidIOException
C# throws an IOException.
C# was designed for and by THE GUYS WHO WON'T LEARN TO TYPE.
I think it's a hiring requirement, if you know how to type you can't get a job in the Microsoft Language Department.

Java has getter and setter methods, C# has properties, again, quicker to type, but getter and setter methods SORT TOGETHER yielding day to day Better Productivity! Java was designed by professionals ( who can type ).

But, the real fun is running Solaris 64bit and Java on a Mac with VMware Fusion. Actually WinXP-64bit runs nicely as well.

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