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Benchmarks "We have compared the 32-bit and 64-bit performance of Ubuntu and started a performance comparison of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, but how does the performance of the upcoming Feisty Fawn release compare to that of Fedora 7? In this article we have enclosed benchmarks from Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft, Fedora 7 Test 2, and Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Herd 5. In gaming and desktop benchmarks, which of these Linux distributions is faster?"
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RE[7]: Important metrics for me
by stare on Thu 8th Mar 2007 14:52 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Important metrics for me"
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By installing freeware (and hoping it doesn't contain spyware), or more-or-less official tools from microsoft, or specific driver options etcetera.

At least there are tools which implement funtionality I wasn't able to achieve in Linux at all. Like mouseImp, for example -- scrolling pages by moving mouse with the right mouse button pressed.

But actually, this is another thing I don't like about Windows - EVERY piece of hardware has it's own options and settings. Some can easilly do things, others have horrible dialogs. Some printers can print 2 to 8 pages on 1, others can't.

What you are saying seems like a KDE description for me :-) Really, I don't have any problem with hardware in Windows (man, at least there is decent GUI device manager, contrary to mess in Gnome/KDE)

Well, that won't help me. First because I don't want to spend hours looking for obscure software to fix BASIC functionallity in my OS

I don't spend hours looking for obscure software, why should you?

At least software management WORKS on linux

Personally I couldnt care less about software management on desktop. I already have established set of tools I work with.

I do remember the Windows 98 time with all these custom tools and all the time spend on managing them and the instability and performance problems they cause...

Windows 9x is a mess by itself, you shouldn't have used it in a first place.

Give linux a try

Well, my first Linux experience on the desktop was RH6 and since that I had been trying almost every major release. Not to say I use Linux and FreeBSD on my servers at work. So I'm not exactly a Linux newbie ;)

apart from the ocassional annoyances (mostly because microsoft spends a lot of time making interoperability a mess) you'll see it is a lot more mature compared to MS...

My experience is opposite. Until last 1-2 years Linux on desktop was horrid. Too slow, too many visual glitches, too many interface inconsistencies, after all just unstable. It gets significatly better, but even in current state it's barely usable -- still feels slower, still looks amateuristic. In addition there is lack of professional apps like non-linear video editors, image editing software, some other specific tools. And did I mention games?

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