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FreeBSD "The FreeBSD project has received approval from Intel to redistribute firmware for several Intel-based PRO/Wireless devices in the base FreeBSD operating system. The inclusion of firmware for popular Intel wireless devices means that users of FreeBSD will have native wireless support for many Centrino-branded Intel PRO/Wireless devices without downloading additional software. This approval includes firmware for the Intel 2100, 2200BG, 2225BG, 2915ABG, and the 3945ABG devices."
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RE: License issue, and OSS
by darkcoder on Thu 8th Mar 2007 21:34 UTC
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I haven't heard of anyone going to court for installing Flash or Acrobat without reading the license, lol.

yeah, but do you read all licenses from all the software you install on a Windows machine? I dunno.

But do not get me wrong, I prefer OSS, but people always complain companies for lack of support for other operating systems, and then bash those companies because they provide non OSS solutions later.

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