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X11, Window Managers "On Tuesday, January 25th Mandriva introduced a new project: Metisse LiveCD. In this article we are going to investigate the features offered by this promising project and see if Metisse can compete with the popular desktops in terms of ergonomics and ease of use."
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There are some cool ideas
by theorz on Fri 9th Mar 2007 02:08 UTC
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Yes most of the features are something we have seen before. And yes many of them are more eye candy than useful.

There is one feature that looks quite innovative and quite useful. For some reason they buried mention of it in the section about Windows transformation, so I assume most people looked at it and though "Yaa, useless angled windows" and skipped on the the next point.

I am talking about the bending of windows when dealing with obscured windows. To me this functionality is a godsend for copy and paste and drag and drop. All of the quick operations that require you to briefly go to another window would require so much less fumbling the arranging your windows, or pressing the correct hotkeys.

I really hope the environment I use copies this feature, or Metisse gets to a point where I can use it fulltime.

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