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Apple "Not too long ago, ad agencies, design firms and other creative companies were about the only businesses that widely deployed Macintosh computers to their employees. But for a number of reasons, word of the benefits of Apple hardware - and software - on enterprise desktops is now spreading."
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by Wemgadge on Fri 9th Mar 2007 21:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Line 7"
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"I mean if you have a mac or linux and want to connect to the shared printer on a SMB network you have to manually select the printer driver. If you run XP, it all just works (it will get the driver from the server)."

Balderdash. You've never spent 4 hours on a telephone remotely reconfiguring a customer's print server due to Windows XP remotely pulling the driver from a Windows 2000 Server.

Wemgadge (tier 1.5 tech support for one of the big 3 PC companies)

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