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Intel The Register notes that due to Intel's developer conference going on this week, and its excellent public relations capabilitites, we'll be seeing a lot of good news about Intel in the press over the next few days. Don't be fooled. Things aren't quite as rosy for the chip giant as they'll make it seem.
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Turion vs Pentium M
by DonQ on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 18:47 UTC
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From what I can see, reading various tests, Pentium M [PM]overperforms Turion (at same clock speed*) almost in all aspects, let it be power consumption (PM consumes less, esp. under load) or game performance (PM is much faster). There are only some syntetic and some mostly mathematical tests, where Turion wins (by a very little margin).

* same clock speed means that PM has equivalent good, if not better internal design than Turion (compare with Pentium 4 vs AMD tests, wvhere AMD usually wins).

Well, I've been AMD user or many years:) I hope AMD will answer to Pentium M technolgy with something 'cooler' (in whatever sense you prefer), maybe in year 2007. Competiton makes both products better.

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