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Linux OpenAddict 'reviews PCLinuxOS 2007 Beta 2, and concludes: "In all honesty, any review of PCLOS will be lacking as the qualities that make PCLOS what it is are in the details. There is no one' shining point regarding this distro. The whole PCLinuxOS distribution is the shining point."
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I've used PCLinuxOS for about a year, and it is quite good, but after using Pardus a couple of days, it is clear that Pardus is better in terms of configuration tools, a nice clean look (without looking like windows), a great package manager, ease of network configuration like I've never seen from ANY distro.. it is quite quite impressive.. stability is good so far but time will tell on that. They have integrated KMPlayer into Konquerer for QT etc, which I have never seen before either, and it works. Pardus also boots VERY quickly, but is not quite as fast as PCLOS once in KDE..

My top 3 distros:

1. GRML (hard to want to use anything else after you've used this)
2. Pardus
3. PCLinuxOS

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