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OS/2 and eComStation While browsing some OS/2 news websites, I stumbled upon the usage tutorial included in OS/2 2.1 at GUIdebook (an invaluable website for (G)UI fanatics such as myself). To set the mood: "This tutorial describes how you work with the objects (small pictures) on your screen. Some objects are folders, which contain other objects. Your screen is called your desktop (pictured on the right), which is a folder itself." Have fun, boys and girls, in 1993-style.
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OS/2... wow...
by garoo on Mon 12th Mar 2007 01:34 UTC
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I still have the boot disk and CD-ROM install somewhere... I ran warp for a while, but it was too heavy for requirements on my PC... well, WARP anyway. 2.1 was cool, but just to be a "better windows" just wasn't enough.

Couple that with the fact that MS purposely delayed the release in order to put out Windows; and the fact that IBM in their stupidity allowed them to dual market the tech, and add in a splash of "worst marketing ever"..

OS/2 could even come back, if it was open sourced. Imagine an x86 compliant system that could use win32 apis? Merge OS/2 and ReactOS? Cool.

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