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Debian and its clones "Debian GNU/Linux used to have a reputation as the toughest GNU/Linux distribution to install, yet the easiest to maintain. In fact, Debian's package management system has played a huge role in the proliferation of projects based on Debian. Suffice it to say that anyone who can install their own operating system can generally install Debian Etch with little or no trouble. If you've never installed Debian before, it's fairly easy to walk through the default installation without realizing you have options. Let's explore the Debian Installer, to find out just what options we do have."
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RE[3]: To be honest...
by farfromhome on Mon 12th Mar 2007 19:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: To be honest..."
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Not really. I'll take Anaconda with Kickstart any day. The installer discussed does look horrendously primitive to my eye.

I don't understand why an organization with the talent, and number of developers, that Debian claims to have can't get this right.

To each their own. I think that the Debian installer is elegent in its simplicity, and works as smooth as butter, as opposed to Anaconda, which works but seems more slow and quirky to me.

If you want to "prettify" it, have you tried the graphical version yet? d-i is modular, so anyone can write an even more pleasing-to-the-eye front-end to it whenever they want. I'll take its rock-solid stability over a pretty front-end any day though.

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