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Windows I have been both a Windows and Linux user for a long time (I started with Windows 3.1 and RedHat 5.1 kernel 2.0.x if I recall correctly) and have stuck with both for various reasons. I'm writing this article not as a DIY lofty vantage platform by which I can bash MS nor as a 'Why you should switched' flame bate piece, but have tried to keep an open mind and reflect the actually experience that I have had with Vista so far, regardless of OS political propaganda. Please keep in mind this is still an opinion piece and most probably to be taken with a pinch of salt.
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RE: Wow
by macisaac on Mon 12th Mar 2007 20:09 UTC in reply to "Wow"
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"The little things make a big difference when I compare Vista to XP."

Exactly. I'm hardly a windows fanboy (in my day job I'm a UNIX admin with a heavy penchant and bias towards linux desktops), but I've been running vista enterprise here at home on my not so new dell I got as a hand-me-down from work and rather liking it. It's still windows all in all, but there's a lot of nice touches and refinements they've put into it now which does make using it a nicer experience than XP say. (also using Office 2007 on it which I'm increasingly appreciating as an excellent office suite)

In terms of the machine I'm using, the only variable which is beefier than your average store bought system today is the RAM, 2GB, so I'm not seeing any real slowness there (if anything it feels faster). The machine uses an older onboard video, so no Aero for me yet, but even so, aesthetically I find the layout nicer than before. Shoot, I've even kept the default wallpaper still up, don't really feel the need to tweak at much things.

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