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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku has its first distribution, but it's not coming from the Haiku development team. Pingwinek has just released GNU/Haiku 0.1.0, what is claimed to be (probably?) the first distribution of the Haiku operating system, coming from Poland. According to the Pingwinek home page, GNU/Haiku consists of the base Haiku system plus 40 packages ported from the Pingwinek GNU/Linux distribution, and it includes the GCC 2.95.3 compiler, several simple games, SDL, Midnight Commander, and ncurses. GNU/Haiku can be run from a HDD, in QEMU and VMWare or as a Live CD. Screenshots are available, and the images can be download from this page.
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by michuk on Mon 12th Mar 2007 21:14 UTC in reply to "poland"
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Polish remarkable distros:
- KateOS -- a new project, GNU/Linux desktop system, review:
- PLD Linux -- old one, for servers mostly, lots of innovative features but they suck at marketing, short description:
- Aurox Linux -- a Fedora-based Linux distro, currentky targetted on Eastern European market and Germany
- Lintrack -- a Linux distribution for routers and for ISP providers, here's review:

Have I missed something?

PS. Yes, I'm Polish ;)

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