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Debian and its clones "Debian GNU/Linux used to have a reputation as the toughest GNU/Linux distribution to install, yet the easiest to maintain. In fact, Debian's package management system has played a huge role in the proliferation of projects based on Debian. Suffice it to say that anyone who can install their own operating system can generally install Debian Etch with little or no trouble. If you've never installed Debian before, it's fairly easy to walk through the default installation without realizing you have options. Let's explore the Debian Installer, to find out just what options we do have."
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RE[5]: To be honest...
by farfromhome on Mon 12th Mar 2007 23:03 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: To be honest..."
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I hate to feed the trolls, but...

Debian is the base of many more distributions than Fedora, so it must be doing something right. The top home user distro right now is Ubuntu, and Debian itself is very well respected as a server (though I like it as a desktop too). Speaking of Ubuntu, its text-based installer for those who can't, for whatever reason (unsupported video card or RAID or whatnot) use ubiquity uses...the Debian Installer.

I'm not saying that Anaconda doesn't have its strengths, but to propose that it's superior simply because you like it better doesn't mean anything. Let's say that you're right that Anaconda is more flexible for corporate deployment (I don't do corporate deployments so I can't say either way)...does that help if your corporation has lots of old DEC Alpha machines that they are repurposing? Debian is much more cross-platform. In other words, your precious Anaconda isn't better in all situations, or even most.

I never claimed that d-i was superior for everyone, just that I find it much better for myself. You might want to learn some humility yourself.

Cut down on your margarine with all its partially hydrogynated oils and then talk to me about the health of butter. ;-)

And your parents' basement is more likely to be running Gentoo than either Debian or Red Hat/Fedora. ;)

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