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Internet & Networking The last few years have seen the introduction of the concept of "extensions" in most popular web browsers. While Mozilla natively supports extensions, Opera and Safari come feature-packed and can be easily hacked via config files, and a market has cropped up around the IE engine which supports adding new functionality to your browser. In the interest of sharing a good thing, which are your favorite browser extensions?
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There is simply no way that I can suffer the Web without 'adblock' (a Mozilla-family extension). Not only does it scrub the useless noise from my web experience, but I still get a brief thrill of happiness when a page flashes some useless ad, I right click, choose "Adblock Image", sprinkle some wildcards in the dialogue box, and watch it, and its space, disappear in a puff of logic.

A close second is "flash-click-to-play". It seems to me that about 99% of all flash content I encounter is advertising. Having all flash content replaced with a simply "play" button that I have to physically click before it animates - priceless.

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