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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku has its first distribution, but it's not coming from the Haiku development team. Pingwinek has just released GNU/Haiku 0.1.0, what is claimed to be (probably?) the first distribution of the Haiku operating system, coming from Poland. According to the Pingwinek home page, GNU/Haiku consists of the base Haiku system plus 40 packages ported from the Pingwinek GNU/Linux distribution, and it includes the GCC 2.95.3 compiler, several simple games, SDL, Midnight Commander, and ncurses. GNU/Haiku can be run from a HDD, in QEMU and VMWare or as a Live CD. Screenshots are available, and the images can be download from this page.
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Oh please no...
by testadura on Tue 13th Mar 2007 11:10 UTC
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Not the 1.000.000 million different distributions horror.
No applications which require package Y from distro X.
No binary incompatibility.
Not too much choice, since choice is a pain.

Haiku is better of in ONE flavor, I think. Ensuring it runs all software that is R5 compatible (at least for R1)

If you want to reinvent the wheel and make yet another Linux like distro, don't associate it with Haiku/Beos. The difference between Haiku and Linux is huge and I don't want to see both worlds merge.

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