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Apple After yesterday's trip down memory lane with OS/2 2.1, I will today take you even further back. With the help of the recently released Apple Lisa emulator, ToastyTech (another invaluable tool for (G)UI fanatics such as myself) updated its set of screenshots from the Lisa Office System (version 3), the first commercially available graphical user interface for home use. "This Lisa emulator tries to give you the full experience of using an Apple Lisa. The backdrop is a photo of a Lisa that changes as the power light comes on and when you 'insert' a disk. It even plays the sound of the Lisa disk drive running as you access the disk. To start the emulator you must press the 'Power button' just as you would start a real Lisa." Read more for a few notes.
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My Lisa was great.
by elwebst on Tue 13th Mar 2007 11:45 UTC
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After years of toiling with a cassette based TRS-80 model 1 and then an Apple ][ (with TWO diskettes, I may add!), running UCSD Pascal and Apple FORTRAN, getting a Lisa was a godsend.

It had a hard drive. A HARD DRIVE! 5MB! More room than you could possibly ever fill. Sure, you had to turn it on first, and let it stabilize a bit before turning the Lisa on, but it rocked. You could then fire up the Modula-2 compiler.

Alas, I had gotten it by promising to write a dental office records system for a friend of my dad's and never got around to it, so he took it back. Sigh. Back to the Apple ][.

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