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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku has its first distribution, but it's not coming from the Haiku development team. Pingwinek has just released GNU/Haiku 0.1.0, what is claimed to be (probably?) the first distribution of the Haiku operating system, coming from Poland. According to the Pingwinek home page, GNU/Haiku consists of the base Haiku system plus 40 packages ported from the Pingwinek GNU/Linux distribution, and it includes the GCC 2.95.3 compiler, several simple games, SDL, Midnight Commander, and ncurses. GNU/Haiku can be run from a HDD, in QEMU and VMWare or as a Live CD. Screenshots are available, and the images can be download from this page.
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RE[2]: Come on people...
by mjmoran on Tue 13th Mar 2007 13:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Come on people..."
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Why have it open source then? If the concern is people rolling their own then close the source down and do it internally. And I would care to imagine that not all post-BeOS people are so repelled by the gpl, im not. It did power a good deal of BeOS's command line.

"Does the fact that you feel nothing negate our feeling of hurt? "
What hurt? Someone was well within his rights to create something, and he did. Why not imbrace the fact people are doing what they should with open source, tinkering, creating, changing. And I don't feel nothing, im excited. The more usage the better. The more tinkering the better. I would like a day when I can run Haiku w/ and run my linux apps side by side. Nothing is wrong with that. The design of BeOS is unsurpassed, and if the Haiku project can duplicate and improve on it, then there is nothing but good things that can come from it.

Personally for me, whereas I loved BeOS, I never really liked most of the apps. A lot of things were shareware and such, some good open source, but not enough. NIH(not invented here) syndrome won't help Haiku gain acceptance in the market.

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