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Linux "One of the biggest complaints about Linux, particularly from developers, is the speed with which Linux boots. By default, Linux is a general-purpose operating system that can serve as a client desktop or server right out of the box. Because of this flexibility, Linux serves a wide base but is suboptimal for any particular configuration. This article shows you options to increase the speed with which Linux boots, including two options for parallelizing the initialization process. It also shows you how to visualize graphically the performance of the boot process."
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linux not only about the desktop
by Yamin on Tue 13th Mar 2007 23:15 UTC
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Linux is not only about the desktop. How about linux cellphones? I have a friend who works for wind river and this is one area they are trying to optimize heavily. Specifically, if it takes too long to boot, people have a tendency to keep hitting the power on/off button ;)

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