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Internet & Networking The last few years have seen the introduction of the concept of "extensions" in most popular web browsers. While Mozilla natively supports extensions, Opera and Safari come feature-packed and can be easily hacked via config files, and a market has cropped up around the IE engine which supports adding new functionality to your browser. In the interest of sharing a good thing, which are your favorite browser extensions?
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My favorites
by BrianH on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 20:20 UTC
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1. NoScript: A whitelist for JavaScript. Although it is not yet stable and disables a lot of other extensions, it makes most of those unnecessary and makes it much safer and less annoying to use the web.

2. FlashGot: Lets me continue to use FlashGet as my download manager.

3. FlashBlock: Lets you block annoying Flash ads by default, at least when it isn't disabled by NoScript.

4. FLST and miniT: Makes the tab bar work properly.

5. ForecastFox: The weather, just in case you need to go outside.

Now for anti-favorites, I'd have to go for every bookmark management and syncronization extension, because I've tried them and they all suck and some delete your bookmarks. And AdBlock, although that is OSNews's fault not AdBlock's: OSNews serves content with NetShelter, while every other site I've seen only serves ads from it. So I can't block NetShelter because of OSNews. Things like this make AdBlock nearly useless, leaving NoScript as my only recourse. Of course the only reason I need to block the ads is that so many of them contain bad or malicious code - I have no problem with commerce per se.

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