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Hardware, Embedded Systems Dell began polling customers about their software preferences on Tuesday as part of an effort by the struggling PC vendor to meet a popular request for desktops and notebooks that run on Linux instead of Windows. Dell posted the survey on a company blog, asking PC users to choose between Linux flavors such as Fedora and Ubuntu, and to pick more general choices such as notebooks versus desktops, high-end models versus value models and telephone-based support versus community-based support.
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RE[4]: My vote
by ichi on Wed 14th Mar 2007 14:28 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: My vote"
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While I agree that there're better distros to preload (I'd probably pick ubuntu or kubuntu), that's just because gentoo installs stuff from source, which takes more time.

User friendly? You have GUIs for it's package manager, same as on other distros, and apps are launched the same way: click on the icon. You'll be using kde/gnome/E/whatever anyway, it's not as if gentoo had it's own deliberately-obfuscated-only-suitable-for-geeks desktop environment.

Desktop-optimized? Just bundle a ck patched kernel.

Graphical installer? What for, if it'll be preloaded? You could still go with a gentoo derivate such as vidalinux, if you really thought the installer was a must.

Support on the web? Well, it's hard to beat gentoo's documentation and community support.

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