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Features, Office The OpenOffice Project has sent a letter to Michael Dell, showering praise on Dell's chairman and CEO and asking him to consider pre-loading OpenOffice onto PCs. The letter is the result of a flood of requests on Dell's online suggestion box, IdeaStorm, for Dell PCs pre-loaded with both Linux operating systems and the open-source suite of desktop productivity applications. John McCreesh, marketing project lead for, also asked Dell to consider making a financial contribution to the software's development.
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RE[3]: No Thank You
by santana on Wed 14th Mar 2007 18:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: No Thank You"
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Hey, nanobaka. Which wizard(s) were you opening? Those from "File-Wizards-Letter-Fax-Agenda-..."?

Because they all launch perfectly fine here, with OO2.1. And launch in sub second range. Only when first time some wizard is opened (any of them), then it takes "forever", like 2-3 seconds to appear. Nothing ever crashes. Did you mean something else?

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