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OpenBSD As recently reported on OpenBSD's errata page, a problem in the mbuf handling of IPv6 has been elevated to a security issue. This means that OpenBSD now has two remote exploits in 10 years, as already reflected on the OpenBSD Homepage. Theo advises to to update the system (or to block IPv6 using PF as a workaround).
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Time for a new tagline?
by bm3719 on Wed 14th Mar 2007 18:59 UTC
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As an OpenBSD fan for about 7 years now, I always thought it should have changed after the first one was discovered. Each time that number increases (not that it happens often), it loses a lot of its weight.

As for OpenBSD not being convenient (in response to a previous comment), I personally think it is, compared to all the work it takes to customize a Linux box. I guess if you don't really care as much about your system's setup, and just want something that will work, most any Linux distro will do. If you have very particular tastes and preferences, however, doing a base install of OpenBSD, getting the ports tree, then building your system from there is quite convenient and less work in the long run than trying to make a stock distro install what you want it to be.

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