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OpenBSD As recently reported on OpenBSD's errata page, a problem in the mbuf handling of IPv6 has been elevated to a security issue. This means that OpenBSD now has two remote exploits in 10 years, as already reflected on the OpenBSD Homepage. Theo advises to to update the system (or to block IPv6 using PF as a workaround).
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RE[10]: Now... this is serious!
by mith on Thu 15th Mar 2007 13:04 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Now... this is serious!"
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Moulinneuf... you should learn to read and interpret english (yes, yes... i know my english is far from perfect)

"BSD-Like" means that the license is not a BSD license (and probably has a completely diferent name) but most of the license is similar to BSD

When Soulbender said "None of the below projects are GPL:" he didn't said that it was BSD, he said it *WAS NOT* GPL, although not completely correct (because perl). Once again you misinterpreted someone and said he implied that all that projects where BSD License.

I will not comment all the others mistakes you made in all yours posts here. But you should read things carefully and try to not troll so much ;)

By the way... i am not a OpenBSD user (I use Mac OS X as Desktop/Development and Solaris 10/OpenSuse for 2 servers) but its common sense that OpenBSD is probably the most secure for a server... and again... if you do some googling about openbsd, the way their developers work and their goals, you will understand why probably OpenBSD is the most secure OS.

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