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Multimedia, AV "4Front Technologies is announcing the availability of Open Sound System version 4.0 for Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Open Server6 and UnixWare7. Open Sound System is a cross platform audio architecture that provides drivers for most consumer and professional audio devices and comes with an API that allows applications to be simply recompiled on any of the supported operating systems."
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If OSS contains binary-only drivers, then it doesn't sound so "open" to me. But, hey, why start this whole binary vs. open source argument again?

I really don't get the point of having OSS be available for "Solaris, UnixWare7, and OpenServer6" as I doubt many people use these OSes on their desktops (and not many servers even have/use sound cards to begin with). If you're a *nix geek that uses a *nix on his desktop, it's probably Linux, so there's little reason to move from the default (and much better supported) ALSA. An argument might be made that it would be nice to have a standard API for sound between the BSD flavors and Linux, but I don't think we'll ever see it (not to say that I'd be opposed to such an effort).

I remember back in my RedHat days (before Fedora came to be, and RedHat had a desktop distro called "RedHat Linux"), OSS was used, and things were bad...then, ALSA came; and things were good ;)

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