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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu During my 8 years of Linux on and off usage I have tried more distros than I have chocolate bars. Each one of my previous encounters meant that I had to spend at least 2 days configuring before I have a desktop that I was somewhat comfortable with. With Ubuntu Feisty Fawn's latest test beta --for the first time ever-- this was not the case. I was up and running with all the niceties I wanted within 2 hours.
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Ubuntu has to many cons
by sledgehammer89 on Sat 17th Mar 2007 08:44 UTC
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- really fast booting
- nice theme
- my Nokia E61 (with updated firmware) works without problems as a memory drive

cons: (compared to Fedora 6)
- older packages than FC6! (apache, vdr, postfix, amavis...) some features (especially as a system wide spam server) are missing with these older versions. Only Gnome is up2date
- universe/multiverse doesn't have every proprietary packages (for example: ffmpeg with aac)
- yes, even with universe/multiverse: missing packages (whatmask, incron...)

And Feisty doesn't have the newest Nvidia driver like Dapper or Edgy, when they come out.

Compiz/Beryl works better with the older FC6 than with this brand new Feisty Relese Candidate. FC6 lacks only with Firefox 2.0, but this is minor. You can install it from /testing or compile this srpm yourself.

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