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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu During my 8 years of Linux on and off usage I have tried more distros than I have chocolate bars. Each one of my previous encounters meant that I had to spend at least 2 days configuring before I have a desktop that I was somewhat comfortable with. With Ubuntu Feisty Fawn's latest test beta --for the first time ever-- this was not the case. I was up and running with all the niceties I wanted within 2 hours.
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RE[6]: Adobe on Linux
by ubit on Sat 17th Mar 2007 11:06 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Ubuntu is missing too much stuff..."
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"Chris Cox:
Is the time approaching when Linux has standards for fonts, color management, printing, etc.?

Is the time approaching when Linux has standard APIs beyond POSIX? (in other words: Linux is just the kernel, it's all the other stuff that makes it useful. But all that other stuff varies from distribution to distribution.)

Is the time approaching when Linux has standards for a GUI? (anything based on X WIndows does not qualify... Been there, bought the T-shirt, still got the books, but ain't goin back)

Is the time approaching when Linux has real desktop applications and not just command line apps, one-off ports and server products?

And most importantly: is the time approaching when Linux desktop users are willing to pay for commercial software?

Let me know when you have a serious answer.

I'm not sure about the argument that people don't pay for Linux, considering Red Hat/Oracle(proprietary)/Suse/IBM(proprietary). Honestly it seems to me like a red herring. I know most students already pirate Photoshop anyways.

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